we focus on ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of those who visit our site to acquire different educational services and consultancy. Our Privacy Policy is assimilated in this by reference, and hence, by approving the terms of using this site, our clients are explicitly accepting the terms of our established Privacy Policy.

In accordance with national and international practices, such as the 1998 Data Protection Act, and the 2003 Electronic Communications Act, we follow all the prescribed rules and regulations in our Privacy Policy while offering services to our clients.

All information, comprising but not restricted to comments, recommendations, questions, or ideas, communicated the property of  and is not considered to be confidential.

However, all the official documentation, personal details, and other relevant information shared by our clients are considered private and confidential. Thus, we abide by our Privacy Policy of not misusing them or disclosing them without the consent of our client.

Personal Details

All personal details recorded by our support team, such as your contact details, name, etc. is only used for offer services. Our team is restricted from storing our client’s personal details related to their debit/credit card, which they use to conduct a transaction. Moreover, we give preference to carrying out transactions through secured and encrypted payment methods.

Modification in the Privacy Policy

 reserves the complete right to make changes to the Privacy Policy wherever and whenever we find it compulsory. These changes in the Privacy Policy will be introduced after making an official announcement on our website.

Accessing Your Personal Information

We give full rights to our clients to contact us to add or modify their personal information/details, which they have shared with us. We will make all the prerequisite changes at free of cost.